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Gallery 3
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This are the scan pictures that I've gathered during the term of my pregnancy.


I am 1 month pregnant here, as you can see through the scan  the baby wasn't formed yet. 

She was describe by my doctor as yolk..:P

I am 2 months pregnant here and finally you can see the fetus is started forming  and it's very tiny. 

On the next picture my gynecologist  have seen a fibroid forming on my uterus, but it wasn't that 

scary coz it's just a small fibroids as he says small fibroids may cause no symptoms at all, and it 

doesn't  require any treatment. But if they start to grow and cause problems then surgery may be



FIBROIDS -  Fibroids are benign tumours that grow in  the muscular tissue of the womb. They tend

to grow slowly over a number of years. High oestrogen  levels are thought to be a contributory factor

but the exact cause is not known. Pregnancy can cause them grow larger.

(Reference: The Pregnancy and Baby Care Guide 1999 issue)

I am 3 months pregnant here as you can see on the pictures, my baby's fingers and toes are already 

visible as well as his spinal cords.  I'm having bad times here as I'm suffering from morning sickness!

I am 4 months pregnant here and on this picture you can see the developing face of my baby.

I am 5 months pregnant here. Well that's my baby's limbs as well as the face. 

I'm a bit curious with how she look like here, but it's end up look like my hubby!

I am 6 months pregnant here, this is the scan of my baby's gender, guess! study the picture 

thoroughly! :P I've been wishing for a girl so my wish come true!

I am 7 months pregnant here, she's very active at this stage, every time I go for scan she keep on moving 

about, she maybe knows that were taking pictures of her and she might want to pose like a model!

I am 8 months pregnant here,  what you can see here is my baby's face. In this stage my baby 

was very very very hyperactive she keep on bouncing inside of me! specially if she can hear 

music she feels like dancing!!!


I am very happy to share this unforgettable memories that I have. I hope that you've 

enjoyed watching. Well, if you wonder why I haven't have my 9 months scan picture it is 

because I've given birth before my next check-up. Please do drop a message or sign to our

guestbook before you leave. Thanks!