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Welcome to our Web page!                                                   

                                                This page is especially                     

                                                        been created for our Family, 

                                                   Relatives and Friends throughout 

                                                the world. This will be able to help us 

                                              keep in touch together and be updated to 

                                        the latest happenings in our family. I have posted 

                                   some of our memorable and unforgettable moments here.

                                         Not to forget the Links that I've added perhaps  

                                                you may like it and maybe useful

                                                              to you in any terms.


                                                          However this page won't be 

                                              completed without my Husband's support

                                          and encouragement. Most of all to Charmaine 

                                                 our bundle of Joy, who inspired me  

                                                           right from the very start.


                                                     I hope that you'll enjoy yourself 

                                            browsing and may find this page interesting.

                                    On behalf of my Family, we are very grateful to everybody 

                                             who  spend time and effort to visit our page. 

                                                 With that we would like to say many 



                                                                     If you have any 

                                                            comments or something 

                                                    to say about us, please let us know, 

                                             feel free to sign our guestbook before leaving 

                                                       or simply send us an e-mail.




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